Hot Rods and Guns Podcast #2

May 22, 2017

Hot Rods and Guns Podcast #2. We got our 1st press car a 2016 Ford Focus RS in Nitruious Blue 350 HP and 350 ft lbs tq and AWD, the Focus RS racing bucket seats are a little too snug for me, Camaro Z/28 and Camaro ZL1, Challenger/Charger Scatpack, I need a new car so what do you thing i should get? a Buick Grand National, Challenger Hellcat, 56 Chevy post, C10 truck 73-74, Cadillac CTS-V  DP Classics LS Swap prices, GMC Syclone and GMC Typhoon, 2017 ATS-V vs 2017 CTS-V, CTS-V heatsoaks with lowered power, Mustang GT350 and Mustang GT350R, Carbon Fiber Wheels, and lots more. What more from Hot Rods and Guns? Checkout and our social pages 


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